‘Interview with Laurence Juber’. Paul or Nothing, Bonus Episode #5.

On this special edition of ‘Paul or Nothing’ Sam is joined by Wings veteran and lead guitarist Laurence Juber. Yes folks, it happened, we actually got a member of the band. Join us for this exciting episode where we cover everything from the recording and reception of Back to the Egg, Paul’s drug bust in Tokyo, the break up of the band, as well as Laurence’s life before and after the band that put him on the map.

To find all things Laurence Juber visit his website at http://www.laurencejuber.com

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‘Interview with John Blaney’. Paul or Nothing, Bonus Episode #6.

Join us once more as Sam works his way through interviewing everyone on his book shelf. Today we discuss ‘Lennon and McCartney: Together Alone’ which is a book pretty much made for this podcast, as well as ‘Beatles For Sale: How Everything They Touched Turned To Gold’ which catalogues the endless list of hucksters, shysters and thieves trying to capitalize of the success of the Fab Four.

John Blaney has no website, which is a crime really, and we discuss that in the show but please check out all of his work which you can find online and in all good book shops.

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Paul or Nothing Episode #6 – ‘Venus and Mars’, with Dr Kenneth Womack!

This week on Paul or Nothing, join us as we have our first guest co-host on to help review the album. This time it’s the big, brash and bold follow up to Band on the Run, and cosmically titled Venus and Mars. Catch up with the story as Paul attempts to patch things up with Lennon, head to America and add two new members to the band.

Sam is joined by Beatles scholar Dr. Kenneth Womack who has written many texts on the fab four including….

Reading the Beatles: Cultural Studies, Literary Criticism, and the Fab Four (2006)
The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four (two volumes; 2014).
Long and Winding Roads: The Evolving Artistry of the Beatles (2007).

You can find out more about Dr Ken on his website, http://www.kennethwomack.com.

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‘Interview with Aaron Krerowicz’, Paul or Nothing Bonus episode #4.

Once again we are delaying the much anticipated ‘Venus and Mars’ episode to have some good old fashioned, guilt free Beatles chat. Today we are joined by the worlds first and foremost official Beatles scholar, lecturer, author and Youtube personality Aaron Krerowicz. honestly folks, this may be the best one thus far! Prepare for all things Beatles and Paul in this one, and expect a few musical numbers here and there too!

You can purchase all of Aaron’s books from your favourite online book sites, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. or from his website directly: http://www.aaronkrerowicz.com

Battle Rap Resume Appearances:

Hey guys and gals. Something a little bit different for you today. Here are my guest spots on Battle Rap Resume. Hosted by dear friend of the show Tom Kwei, this podcast is literally the best thing that ever happened to the UK battle rap scene, and he has them eating out of the palm of his hand. From long interviews with the hottest rap talent to event recaps, and top tens he does it all, and we here at Paul or Nothing wish him every success. Now despite my lack of any battle rap knowledge he actually invited me onto two episodes! I guess it really is about who you know, not what you know…

The first is where Tom does a role reversal and I interview him about his history in battle rap. This is also a fun little insight into how we both starting podcasting.
NOTE: I am the only person to be a guest host on this show…..just saying.

The second is just after Tom gracious brought me along to ‘North v South’ a mahoosive UK battle rap event that we went to in Birmingham, UK.
NOTE: Not all of his fans liked this one, and I think he has erased this episode from his brain in the vein of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Hope you enjoy folks.

Paul McCartney Podcast #5 – ‘Band On The Run’ 1/2.

Well here we are folks, it’s not going to get any better than this. Come and join us as we peak far too early in this podcast, as we delve deep into the album that saved Paul from the brink of career suicide. This is…well come on you all know what this is, this is Band on the Run!

We also discuss the break up of the second Wings line up, the calamaity of the Lagos recording sessions and how that iconic album cover came to be.

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